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We choose to rent our heavy equipment in an effort to always provide the newest and well-maintained equipment. This method also saves the client money on mob costs. The equipment will always be operated by one of our safe and efficient employees.

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2- Geoprobe 8140LS 

6- Geoprobe 8040DT

2- Geoprobe 7822DT

1- Geoprobe 7730DT

1- Geoprobe 6620DT

1- GMC 5500 DB LS 6000

1- Geoprobe 540MT

1- Hagglund Extreme Remote Access

5- Pionjar, Wink Vibracore, AMS Rotary

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1- Tri-Drive Tornado

1- Hydro-Spade

Ernco Website 12.jpg



1- Nodwell TF-60 equipped with water tank or hydrovac


3- Kubota Tracked Skid Steer equipped with brush mower, snow blade/bucket, and forks for placing rig mats

2- Heated enclosed trailers equipped with generators and pressure washers

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